Sunday, December 21, 2003

So here I am, back at work on a Sunday again. Still worrying about next year. Why is it that the changing of a year is sooo important to us all, just the the millenium. None of it should matter, it's just an arbitrary counting system which has been changed a lot of times over the years. But I guess it does matter somewhere deep inside the human consciousness.

I think we have to split up time into chunks just so that it doesn't all bleed into one, and once we measure things we attach meaning to those measurements, even if there is none.

So will next year be the one that changes everything for me? Probably not, yet I will hope. I already know how the year will start, more horrible deadlines at work, just like last year. Come March my nephew will be born, that will be a big change for the family, one for the better I think.

Supposedly one of my friends will finally escape from his parentle home make the move down to London, as he has been threatening to do for 3 years. If he does he will be staying with me for the first two months at least. So that much of next year is certain, but none of it seems too life altering for me. But then you never know do you....