Saturday, December 20, 2003

So I'm sitting here at work on a Saturday reading Kieron's blog. I'm not a great blog reader, or in fact poster as you can tell, but Kieron is a mate and I found his blog by accident which makes it more fun to read.

Anyway he's been posting thoughts on the turn of the year and it's something that's always plays on my mind. I guess I'm far too fucking introspective for my own good, but then it's a hobby that you can do anytime, amyplace which is always nice. So how's this year been? Well....

... it's been the "Year of the Matt". Now don't get me wrong, it's not some massive ego trip, quite the opposite. The previous year had been soooo bad that I felt I had to do something big to turn things around. It all started last New Years Eve, I was trudging up a hill about to be very sick (you should know that I don't drinnk this was just from getting ill) looking back over a year where I split up from a fantastic girl because I'm crap at relationships and am affraid of commitment. A year where I'd thrown myself into my work, not spent anywhere near enough time with friends and family. A year where I'd simply lived day to day on a diet of junk food, and coffee. I was well on my way to a heart attack before 30.

So I decided to turn it around. I quit the junk food, no more burgers or chocolate or pizzas. Joined a gym, much to the ammusement of my friends and tried to generally get my shit together.

Has it worked? I hear you all cry, well I guess that's why I'm shit scared about next year. You see you can do all of this for yourself, and feel a lot better about it, but when it comes to getting out there and trying to be a better you with other people it's a whole other matter. I'm not sure if things are better or not, I guess next year will tell.