Friday, March 05, 2004

So life is slowly returning to normal. Haven't managed to get back to the gym yet, bad foot....honest. However, last night I managed to leave work pretty much on time and rent some DVDs which was great. I got LXG and Confidence.

LXG was okay, the effects were well done for the whole. Very strange pacing to the film though. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel, mostly I like the Tom Sawyer character, which I know will enrage those who lliked the original comics but there you go.

As for Confidence, well I have quite a thing for heist/con movies. The Sting is one of my favorite films. Confidence was good, well acted, however I saw it all coming a mile off, which is a shame. It's about time someone did for the con film what scream did for the horror genre, and start to rewrite the rules


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