Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Swing interfaces, how do you implement yours?

I spent late Friday afternoon moaning about how, while extending JTextField, I couldn't consume character key presses before they were entered into the text field. Well of course you can, I was just being particularly stupid....it was Friday after all.

I had implemented the KeyListener interface, but only fulfilled my usual keyPressed method, which obviously gets called after the text field has dealt with text keys. After I'd realised what I'd done it got me to thinking. I have gotten into habits when implementing interfaces that I use a lot. For example, when constructing a new Swing component I also implement the LayoutManager interface, fulfill the layoutContainer method, call onto getPreferredSize from both min and max layout size methods and do nothing in the add and remove layout components. I then override the getPrefferedSize method to ensure I don't get into any infinate loops.

This works for me, but my concern is that I don't realise that this is what I'm doing any more, thus leading to the potential for such gotchas as the KeyListener problem. Well it's one to remember at any rate, and I made myself look soooo stupid over this one that I'm not going to forget it in a hurry. At least I can be thankful that ActionListener only has one method!


Anonymous said...

You should seriously consider taking a loom at JGoodies FormLayout. It takes about 10 mins to get your head around, but is incredibly flexible and provides some great layouts: http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/forms/index.html

Sam Newman

Matt Large said...

We did look at JGoodies Forms, and for a long time this was going to be the route we were going to go down. Then as the requirements for the application were fleshed out and the visual designs done it became apparent that it just wouldn't work. Not really due to the look or layout, but because of the level of user interaction and feedback, which meant that almost all of the form components had to be custom built and the layout was very dynamic.

I understand that JGoodies could probably have produced the majority of what we wanted, but it's that last 5% that moved us in another direction. We needed extremely fine grained control over things to be able to produce exactly what was required.

However, I am still very impressed with JGoodies and plan to use it in the near future.

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