Friday, July 02, 2004

Do you UDDI?

Ther have been many articles over the last few months about people not using UDDI, in fact apparently (according to most of these articles) people are not even thinking about using UDDI.

I find this most interesting. I for one agree with those people that believe any moves towards a Service Oriented Architecture must include the implementation and use of UDDI. If I were dictating terms for an SLA to go to consumers of a service that my company provided I would insist that part of that agreement forced them to do dynamic UDDI look ups for finding the endpoint to bind to.

Doing this gives the provider much more freedom in provisioning the service and the consumer can be much more certain that a service is not going to be interrupted for a silly reason such as moving location.

I've worked on large web service implementations for Government projects and have been astounded that UDDI is not being used at a project level at least. I am even more astounded that there appears to be no plan at all for Government to implement a centralised UDDI server.

A lot of extremely good work is being done on web services, and use of XML and metadata etc, generally within the UK Government so I am amazed at that this does not appear to have been raised at all.

Now I should point out that I don't have direct access to the powers that be within eGov over here, so I may be missing something. Perhapse this has been looked at and discounted, maybe it is in the works (although I would have thought it would be here now or that I would have heard if this was the case)>

Perhapse the fault should lie with the UDDI vendors themselves? I don't know I've never tried to purchase a solution, because none of our clients have asked for one. I have a sneaky suspition that some of the blame should lie with the API people, as there is nothing I can see in the Web Service APIs I've used which actively encourages this practice. I just don't know.

Perhapse there is too much bad association with the UBR, which I really believe was doomed to failure from the moment the concept was started.

I would be very interested in others thoughts on this matter, so please post away.

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