Monday, October 18, 2004

RSS feed change and update on WS intermediary framework...

Some people may notice that I have changed the way in which this blog is syndicated through the RSS/atom feed. I am only putting the opening paragraph out on the feed now, you will have to following the link to the main site to see the rest. This is a bit of an experimentation, trying to find the balance between getting the information out there and driving traffic to the site.

In other news I did more work on the Web Services Intermediary framework, that I've been creating, over the weekend. I did a lot more testing of the Axis deployment integration by placing the dummy intermediary in front of as many of the Axis samples as I could. It worked fine with all of them, eventually.

I did finish the weekend banging my head against a problem, which I'm still to sort out. It appears that in some way the Axis SOAPElements, at the point in the chain I am operating, are immutable. However they are not throwing any exceptions when I call mutating methods on them. Going to have to look into that one.

Finally, expect a further update on the Open Harmonise initiative sometime tomorrow. I'll be posting some more details about the publishing engine.