Monday, November 01, 2004

Quintanona: Web Services Intermediary framework for Axis

I spent some time over the weekend on Quintanona, which is my WS Intermediary framework for Axis that I've talked about before. The last time I posted an update on this I told you about the problems I was having with immutable SOAPElements in Axis, well I've gotten around that and changed Quintanona a bit in the process.

When implementing a request or response handler method the only parameter you take in is a QuintContext object, from which you can access DOM elements from the SOAP message, header and body elements. You can alter these elements and these changes get passed onto the actual service.

I also started to add functionality so that you can place a Runnable object into the QuintContext when handling the request, this will run in parallel to the main service request. Your response handler will only be called once both your Runnable object and the main service have returned. This should enable you to build higher performance intermediaries.

Once that is finished I just have to finish the Unit Tests and build some decent examples and I will be ready for a first release.