Saturday, December 18, 2004

Did HP just try to screw me?...

Some time ago I told you that I ordered a HP dx2000 Linux machine direct from HP. It was on two week availability, so I sat back and waited. It should have timed perfectly with the turning on of my broadband access, which by the way is on and perfect. After a while HP took the money out of my account and so I figured that the machine was on the way, when it didn't arrive after a little while I thought I would give them a call to check on the delivery status.

When I called them, as well as some really cheesy Christmas music which was great, I was told that they'd stopped supplying that machine. They said I could talk to the sales team and order something else or just get a complete refund.

So my question is, exactly how long after taking my money were they thinking of telling me that I wasn't going to get anything? I took the refund and immediately ordered something from Scan, which for only £100 more is actually a much better machine and I still didn't have to buy Windows so all is good.


Anonymous said...

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Matt Large said...

You are of course very right, and you can probably guess that the post was written from a very reactionary point of view.

I dont' believe that HP really did try to screw me, however there is no denying that they have my money and they could never have delivered my order to me. That's a lot of stupidity, and far too much for a large organisation with a customer service reputation to uphold.

Will this stop me from ever ordering from HP? Of course not, that would be far too far to go. But I won't be recommending them for a while.

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