Thursday, December 09, 2004

Using our tech to build a paper based system...

I had a meeting with the clients for my current project to work on their requirements. This project is to review a set of sector specific controlled vocabularies and their application to thousands of resources. We are providing a web based system on Open Harmonise that will contain the master copies of the vocabularies and resources and their metadata, allow for the edits and output machine readable copies in XML. So we are providing the technology and the client is providing a small army of sector specialist to do the editorial work.

All well and good, not an unusual project for us, except that I found out in this meeting that the sector specialists doing the editorial work have decided that they want to do this on paper! Granted they are not technical people, but a web based system isn't that hard to deal with.

Well our client is wiling to go along with this, and provide staff to take the paper forms, once filled in, and input the data into the html forms. So I'm building a lot of pages to publish the forms into PDF files to be printed off.

I can understand the reasons for this, but that doesn't stop the project from going against almost everything I believe in as a developer. Should be an interesting project at the least.


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