Monday, May 16, 2005

I am seeing our code through new eyes... fact they are the eyes of our new developer who started today. I had forgotten how educational it is to listen to someone completely new talk about your code. Someone who has no emotional attachment to it. Someone who has not put blood, sweat and tears into it (honestly each of those at least once over the last 5 years). Someone who obviously doesn't care as much as me....sorry getting carried away there.

But it is true that if you spend as long as we have creating something you do begin to get attached to it. I was in an all day meeting with clients last week, we took them out for lunch. On the walk to Franco's (wonderful pasta place near here) she apologised to me, saying that she knew she could be "picky and awkward". After a moments reflection on this I apologised back to her about being too defensive, remarking that the system she had been commenting on was something that I often though of as my "baby" for want of a better term.

Since starting here in mid 2000 I have seen the code grow from a mere 8 classes to the behemoth that it is now. I lived through the delivery pains of the "Mango" version. The joys of seeing the "Papaya" version in all its' refactored glory. The long nights coaxing the first Swing management console "Guava" out of the door and the horror of starting again from scratch for the "Tangerine" version.

It is often said that most software is no good till at least the third version. Depending on how you count we are there now, and looking back I am amazed and very happy at where we are with the software. I could sit back and bask in the shining light of Open Harmonise.....thank God we have a new developer to point out its' problems and where it could be better.


She-ra said...

Blood, sweat and tears, really? You actually physically bled for this project? Cried like a little girl with a skinned knee and shit? I have trouble thinking of you breaking a sweat(unless it's all the excitment of a new special edition of Supergirl!). She-ra

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