Monday, July 04, 2005

Just got back from The Wedding Crashers world premier...

So I know that I am going to come off as a complete snob with this post, but I don't give a crap. So stick with it and please understand that I just want to share some experiences with you.

I love going to film premiers. I love walking down that red carpet, surrounded by people. It doesn't matter that they all ignore me, or that the press photographers would rather shoot themselves in the head than shoot a photo or yours truly. I still love it.

It all started back with the release of Attack of the Clones. The wife of one of my friends works for a charity and she organises a lot of the big charity premiers in London. Now don't think that I am taking money away from a charity, I am not. I pay full price for my tickets, it is simply that the lady in question gives me a route through which I can buy these. Attack of the Clones was my first one, and a rather large affair what with being the European premier. We arrived on the start of the red carpet, around the corner from the cinema. We took our time walking the carpet, thinking that this would be the best part of the whole experience. John Williams conducting the Royal Philharmonic live in the square really made it something to remember, but then the best part happened.

While walking slowly round the corner I heard someone scream out "Matt!". Now my first thought was to turn around and look for this Matt person. I was interested because there are so few famous Matts in the world. There wasn't anyone there. The scream came out again. Looking into the crowd I saw a girl that I used to work with, behind the barrier. She was there for a little star spotting, instead she'd seen me. Neither of us had known that the other was going to be there, so we were both quite shocked. We talked for a little while, the people around her wondering who the hell this person was and if I was famous.

That experience was amazing, it really made the whole thing special, but on we went. Just before we reached the doors I heard another scream, "Mr Large, can we have your autograph?". Now I was freaked out.

Turns out that two of my friends, who are teachers and weren't in school that day, had come into London early to get a good place for star spotting and waited for me. They actually made me write an autograph for them, cue even more confused bystanders. Inside the cinema they trooped most of the stars up onto the stage to introduce the film, including the man himself George Lucas.

I was well and truly hooked. Since then I've managed to go to the premiers or preview screenings of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (the only one so far to top Star Wars), School of Rock (great intro from Jack Black), Finding Nemo (amazing all digital presentation) and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (fun intro from Anthony Daniels).

Tonight was good, but not amazingly special as I went on my own, sad I know. But it was cool in its own way. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were there, as were director David Dobson and co-stars Isla Fisher and Jane Seymore, although only Dobson got up to say anything. As for the film, well if you like films like that (Dodgeball, Road Trip, Old School etc) then you should love this. The whole cinema laughed out loud pretty much throughout, and even spontaneously applauded on occasion. I really enjoyed it so I recommend (again, only if you like similar films) that you go. Also, if you ever have the chance, the red carpet treatment is not to be missed.


She-ra said...

Hey dude, I'm glad you went in the end. Sorry I didn't come. We'll have to see it together at some point, if you fancy?

Matt Large said...

Would happily go and see it again. Enjoyed it a lot.