Sunday, December 17, 2006

Best laid plans and all that...

I am pretty religious about backing up, which is why I can lay the claim that everything of any significance that I have produced digitally, at least personal stuff, I still have. All the way back to school physics experiments results. Tonight I have realised that a lot of it got backed up to CD a while back and that CD is somewhere in the flat. So that's one job I have to do over the Christmas period.

On that CD should be all the articles I wrote over a 3 year period for a website I ran called NGS which focused on network games, something of a niche in those days. I hope I do manage to find it as there is some good stuff in there.

The other posts I was planing on putting up were DVD reviews that I wrote for another, much shorter lived site. Those I had hoped would still be scurried away on Yahoo's servers, but alas they are no longer. Of course being the pack rat I am they may also reside on that CD.

The final set that I had hoped would still exist were a series of Star Trek TNG season reviews I wrote back in 1996 (I think) but those are almost certainly lost to the ravages of time. Probably for the best.

None of the above, despite what I have just written, was any good. But I wanted it to continue to exist and so wanted to post it here. I might not be too late, all hope rests on that CD ...

... In the meantime that puts my original plans out of action, which means I must think of some stuff to write up here pretty damn quick.