Friday, January 19, 2007

Things are never where you want them ...

Thank you all for the messages wishing me a speedy recovery, not that I was near deaths door or anything, but much appreciated. I have mostly spent the last 3 days sleeping, which is what I seem to do whenever I am ill. Perhaps it is just a way of recovering from the fact that I don't sleep much the rest of the time. Who knows.

In between naps I have taken advantage of Sky Box Office and caught up on some films that I missing in the cinema. Yesterday I watched The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (so should have been called Three Fast, Three Furious), which was crap (although that is my favorite genre of films). Great cameo towards the end, and strange to see the creepy kid from American Gothic all growed up. He's still got that annoying drawl though.

Also yesterday finally saw X-Men 3. Enjoyable, but like all the X-Men films I found it left me expecting more. Not a disappointment, but still not quite what I hoped for. Seems to be the way with all of the superhero films of the past few years. I really enjoyed the new Batman, but looking back still felt there was something that stopped it from being a great superhero film. Even more so with Superman Returns and let's not even start talking about Hellboy!

Yesterday I also caught the latest Transformers trailer, as recommended to me by She-Ra and Biko. Looking very good, and so glad to see that they have got the original voice of Optimus Prime back again, who was also the voice of K.A.R.R. (K.I.T.T.'s evil predecessor, see here) obviously of great excitement to me as according to certain friends I look like Michael Knight's evil twin.

Today was much better film watching, with Inside Man. I love a good heist film and this was a very good one. Despite some very heavy handed comments on race-relations, to be expected from Spike Lee, I really enjoyed it. Well worth a watch if you have not had the chance. It was one of those films that really made me wish I had the DVD so I could see more about it.

One of the other things that I did while I wasn't feeling too well was play Sky's CTU Agent online game. A link to the site and a passcode was displayed at the end of a 24 trailer on Sky One. When you get to the site you enter your name and mobile number and the you are logged into the CTU mainframe. On there is the usual fluff (download the ringtone, look at profiles of the bad guys from previous seasons). Then out of the blue you get a phone call, and a scrambled voice tells you to stay alert, expect orders from Jack and watch your back. Cool. Then come a series of text messages sending you to other sites in the web and codes to get into them, until finally you crack into the Chinese Embassy site where you get to watch the 8 minute preview for Day 6.

Okay, it was all a bit hokey, but it held together well and was a very welcome diversion for someone not feeling very well.

Thanks again for putting up with my absence, especially to those who added to the things to watch post.


She-ra said...

When you were told to stay alert did you say 'copy that'?

I bet you didn't did you?

Jesus tapdancing christ, I don't know why I bother!

JB would be disappointed


Matt Large said...

I was too busy being freaked out. I had assumed that by entering my mobile number I would get some texts, which I did, not get an actual phone call. It was very good, there should be more things like this.

I was reading the other day that there was a real phone number that was very readable on screen one season. Of course the fans of the series rang the number not realising that it had been done on purpose and was in fact the "fan phone". Many members of the cast and crew would answer and chat to the fans. Now that's cool.

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