Monday, January 29, 2007

TV DVD collection update ...

The better half has been working hard over the weekend so I have had some time to myself to sit back, relax and enjoy my DVD collection. Pulling random titles from the shelf to enjoy specific episodes of shows or films I have not seen in a long time. This is a little unusual for me, normally I don't like watching odd episodes of things, preferring instead to watch complete seasons or whole series straight over a few days/weeks.

I am very happy with my TV collection, the film side of it needs much more work though. When I first started my DVD collection I always used to buy movies in pairs, one modern and one classic, which is a practice I should return to.

Last year was the big push for the TV side of the collection. I was on a project up in Leeds, in a hotel 5 days a week I would get through a complete season of something each week. In that time I got through;

  • X-Files (all 9 seasons)
  • Lone Gunmen (1 season)
  • Harsh Realm (1 season)
  • Dawson's Creek (6 seasons)
  • Stargate: Atlantis (1 season)
  • Dark Angel (2 seasons)
  • The 4400 (2 seasons)
  • The Dead Zone (2 seasons)
  • Lost (1 season)
  • Battlestar Galactica (mini-series and 2 seasons)

That was all on top of the weekly DVDs that were burnt on a Sunday of the previous weeks TV recording from Sky+. Looking back it is scary just how much cash I went through on these things, but they kept me going while I was away from home or on long train journeys. It also got me up to date on a lot of the shows that I wanted to collect, especially back catalogue stuff. Now I am mostly waiting for current shows to be released, the only back catalogue stuff I still have to catch up on is Star Trek (currently only half of DS9, some from the previous release of TOS which need to be replaced and no Voyager or Enterprise).

The next sets due to arrive are Stargate: Atlantis season 2 and Dead Zone season 3 on top of the Tremors 1-4 boxed set. Then it's just waiting for current series to roll around to releasing this years seasons. Perhaps the gap will allow me to catch up on some film buying.

How about you and the wonderful world of TV DVD? What are you in the middle of collecting? What are you happy to have completed? What do you want to start collecting?