Saturday, September 29, 2007

The decision is made, no iPhone for me ...

At least not the first revision anyway.

This is something that I have been thinking about ever since the original announcement. I wasn't too concern about who would get it. Even though I have been with Orange since I first got a mobile, 6 years ago, I have no particular loyalty to them, just to lazy to change. I probably could have lived without 3G, I spend far too much time and money online with my current Sony Ericsson, at horribly slow speeds, already to start worrying about such things. The fact that it is an Apple first gen product didn't worry me, although I do have concerns that it's an Apple/3rd Party first gen product (Apple being notorious at bad partnering).

No what got me in the end was the fact that it seems far too inevitable that things are going to change for the iPhone, and change fast. I really think the situation in 18 months time, when the first contacts are running out, will be extremely different to the situation now. So I'm going to wait a while longer.

Saying all that though, I really want an iPod. Now I have a decent machine, one that spends considerable time downloading podcasts and NFL match commentary, I would like to be able to listen to these on the road.

I happened by the Apple store last Thursday, and after finding a £320 accounting error in my favour (seriously), I decided to pop in and grab a Nano. My needs are fairly simple, so the size is fine, not too much video stuff to watch. All in all I thought it would be the best value thing to get.

But the buggers had the iPod Touch out on display. I tried it, ran my fingers over it's screen and fell for it completely. The only thing that stopped me walking out with one then and there was that they were out of stock. I've ordered one online, which in a happy coincidence should arrive just before my birthday.

The only thing I would truly miss from the iPhone package is the excellent free Wi-Fi access deal O2 set up with The Cloud. I spent most of Friday trying to word, in my head, a letter to The Cloud to complain that none of their partners offer a simple plan to get such a device online and that they would be missing a major opportunity if they didn't do something about this. Last night though, my prayers were answered before I had the chance to put pen to paper.

Can't wait :)


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